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There are number of financial advisors in the market who provide you services of insurance and /or mutual fund and/or FDs and/ or loans. Online sites giving knowledge and access to insurance and/or mutual funds and/or FDs and/or loans are also very common now a days.

Then why GYAATA???????

Because we provide you, insurance and mutual funds and FDs and in case of fund requirement personal and home loan under one umbrella called GYAATA.

When you opt for insurance or when you invest in mutual funds do you read and analyse the base document?...When you opt for FDs do you take update about all the options available in market?..when you need a loan what are the best rates or products available do you analyse?...

Gyaata does it for you. Our indepth research of vast range of financial product and its updated knowledge facilitates meticulous recommendation based on financial profile of the client.We value every penny of our client and hence our recommendation is always done with conviction.

At the end of the year or anytime during the year, will it be possible for you to recollect what is your term insurance/mediclaim cover etc, what is your MF investment, what is its NAV, how much return has it generated ,where all your FDs are placed...Gyaata understands your concerns and hence has developed robust information system so that all the investment related information is available on fingertips to our clients.

Not only this we review the portfolio of our clients on regular basis so as to rebalance the investment portfolio as per changing status and requirement of the client.

At Gyaata we believe in relationship with family.All our recommendations are based on taking in to consideration whole family so that our client is rewarded with maximum benefits and returns and at the same time it is tax effective. While we recommend we study the tax implications of instrument . Gyaata cares for client and his family's happiness not just for some time of life but for a lifetime hence we play the role of trustees of your 'investment information' for your nominees So while you dream...Gyaata think While you set Goals...Gyaata work While you enjoy benefits...Gyaata feel satisfied

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